Text & Code

  • Overleaf (former SahreLaTeX) for LaTeX typesetting
  • Google Docs for shorter word processing tasks, that do not require the beauty of a LaTeX document
  • VS Code (Visual Studio Code) basically any type of code (may it be HTML/CSS, Python, ...)
  • Vim for quick editing text based files via the command line, also it is -if you learned it- the fastest way for editing files
  • Emacs, because you can literally live inside it


  • GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) for all image editing issues with fixed size images
  • Inkscape for vector graphics, that are unlimitedly scalable without loss of quality


  • DaVinci Resolve is made for color correction but it's non-linear video editor is par excellence
  • Lightworks for quick editing videos on linux, because DaVinci Resolve has no free linux version
  • VLMC (VideoLAN Movie Creator) is definitely worth, keeping an eye on


  • Audacity for quick recordings and edits
  • Ardour for more complex (multi channel) recordings and edits


  • Discord has voice and text chat possibilities and is a completely free alternative to TeamSpeak/Skype/etc. on desktop and mobile. As part of the #DiscordHypeSquad, I am happy to introduce all the awesome features to you