curriculum vitÆ

Experience - current

Pioneers Space GmbH

Digital Project Assistant since 2019 [link]

fabian wohlgemuth - digital creative.

IT Consultant / Digital Creations since 2017


Bielefeld University

B.A. Linguistics & Text Technology and Computational Linguistics

The Applicability of Jan-H. Schmidt's Social Media Communication Model to the Social Media Communication of Bielefeld University

Trinity College Dublin

Computer Science, Linguistics and Language


Voluntary experience

Students council - Computational Linguistics

Founder, Head, Web Officer [link]

Students Council - Linguistics and Literature

Communications Officer [link]

past: Web Officer, Financial Officer

vocability - a capella choir

past: Web Officer, Vice Chairman [link]

DPSG - Stamm St. Bruno, Düsseldorf

past: Scouts Troop Leader [link]



  • Python (advanced)
  • Java (basics)
  • Git / GitHub

Web - Development and Design

  • HTML / CSS (advanced)
  • JS (beginner) / Google Apps Script (basics)
  • Python Flask (advanced), Python Django (basics)
  • Bootstrap
  • CMS - WordPress, TYPO3, ROXEN, Grav, Ghost, Jekyll, Netlify

Operating Systems

  • Linux
    • Debian Based Systems
    • Desktop / VPS
    • Server Administration / Command Line Usage
  • Windows (Advanced Familiarity with all Supported Versions)
  • MacOS
  • Mobile - Android (advanced) / iOS (basics)


  • Word Processing (MS Word, LibreOffice Writer, Google Docs)
  • Spreadsheets (MS Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets)
  • Presentations (MS PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress, Google Slides)
  • Typesetting (LaTeX, InDesign)


  • Microsoft VS Code
  • vim
  • Emacs (+ orgmode)
  • Ghostwriter
  • Scrivener


  • German (native)
  • English (full professional proficiency)
  • Spanish (elementary proficiency)

Audio Editing

  • Audacity
  • Ardour
  • Adobe Audition

Video Editing (basics)

  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Lightworks

Image Editing

  • GIMP
  • InkScape
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Scribus / InDesign (basics)

Transcription / Annotation

  • Praat
  • Elan
  • pmTrans

Social Media

  • Platform Familiarity with: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Discord, Slack, Reddit
  • Social Media Marketing / Online Marketing [google certificate]
  • Search Engine Optimization (basics)

Experience - Past

Bielefeld University

Web Officer

Web officer for all websites of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature [link]

Web Officer

Complete restructuring and redesigning the websites of the Anglistik Department [link]

Student Assistant

Member of the organizational team for the orientation week at the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature [link]

Peer Tutor

Peer tutor during the orientation weeks at the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature

Teaching Assistant

Tutor for Remedial Computer Course for Linguistics students, helping with:

  • Markup languages
  • EDP (MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice)
  • Shell / Cygwin Shell
  • Regular Expressions
  • LaTeX
  • HTML / CSS

Student Assistant

Python Programming as part of The Bielefeld Dialogue Systems Group [link] for the CRC 673 "Alignment in Communication" [link]


including, but not limited to

Quality Assurance - Content Management and Software Testing - u+i interact, Bielefeld [link]

Intern - Teaching Assistance, Excursion Supervisory - Thomas-Edison Realschule (Secondary School) [link]

Volunteer - Teaching Assistance, Class Supervisory - Montessori Grundschule Farnweg (Primary School) [link]